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Starbucks Yukon

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Yukon is very much like its name’s sake wild

Yukon is from an Asia Pacific region. I’ve always found this a challenge to pair with because of its earthy, herbal, and high acidity. It smells like a cold fall morning. The diverse combination of acidity but also spice notes linger after the first sip. Yukon is very much like its name’s sake wild.


A captain wanted a hearty brew that would compete with the cold mornings on the water.

Yukon is one of the oldest original coffees blends of Starbucks. Even though the bear on the cover is deceiving its actually named after a river.


I was asked to do a coffee tasting for a work meeting. One of my coworkers suggested after we paired this coffee with coffee cake it might actually be better with apples. I took the apples idea and ran with it making Haroset.

Haroset is a dish served at Passover, and no I am not Jewish. Every time I’ve made this dip it has been a crowd pleaser. This dip is a blend of apples, dates, nuts, cinnamon, and honey.

During the summer I love making cold brews which is how I set up this tasting. The cold brew turned out very smooth and earthy with the acidity popping. The Haroset cut through the heavy body that Yukon has on its own and brought out the wonderful sweet and spice notes in this coffee. This is defiantly going to be a summer regular brew.

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