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Jacksons Corner

Jackson's Corner Coffee Roastery & Cafe

This menu board took my breath away. Something this beautiful took hours to perfect.

The essence of coffee and the Civil War.


I was on vacation in Virginia during this tasting. One of my favorite things to do on vacation is check out coffee shops. Jackson’s Corner Coffee in New Market, Virginia was a delight. It’s a coffee roastery and café with museum rooms. Hallways and two rooms have history from in the town as well as interesting coffee history.

I had no idea that during the Civil War there was an “Essence of Coffee”. It was basically coffee extract the soldiers mixed with water and was so terrible that after a few months the Army stopped sending it. In contrast, an instant coffee that was mixed with various spices called Confederate coffee is still used today.


Jacksons Corner has a little something for everyone, but I liked seeing what independent coffee shops brew.

The cold brew was a mix of Crazy Fox Coffee Roasting Co Espresso and another brew. This iced delight blew me away with how strong and smooth it was from the first sip. It also had just enough citrus to notice, but not like biting into a lemon. The coffee shop bakes pastries daily. My Mom and I fell in love with their gluten free Cranberry muffin. The muffin paired well with this cold brew because the tart cranberry and notes of citrus highlighted the citrus from the cold brew.

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