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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

This week I'm sharing two of my favorite brews from Scotland.

Twin Valley Coffee is based in Elverson PA not far from the little town I grew up in. I found this gem of a coffee in the grocery store Shady Maple Marketplace. I buy a few pounds every time I’m in town, only $10.

Scottish Grogg


Scottish Grogg’s flavors are chocolate, caramel, and sweet buttered rum. I paired this coffee with one of my favorite candies Reisen’s. It’s a dark chocolate candy with caramel inside. If you have never had a Reisen’s I highly recommend them. I loved doing them with this coffee especially because Reisen’s don’t melt in your mouth quickly like Linden chocolate does. Slurping hot coffee helps the melting process and tasting that rich caramel. The sweet caramel marrying with the grogg gives a smooth and sweet finish.

Scottish Breakfast Tea

In my family my mom is the tea drinker. We found this together one afternoon on a shopping outing. I read the description of malt flavors and crossed my fingers she would like it. It’s now one of our top favorites. It is a blend of Assam and African tea leaves. This tea has a full body and a rich thick body for a black tea. I love this tea with or without milk if dairy is not an option person oat milk also pairs nicely.


I had a craving for chocolate and decided to make chocolate crepes. Which was a good pairing with this Scottish breakfast tea. Here’s a great recipe for crepes too just add a table spoon of coco powder or more if desired.

The chocolate from the crepes brightens this tea up beautifully. It’s the perfect indulgent breakfast combo. The bits of crème and fruit add surprises. The chocolate lights the body of the tea and leaves a very smooth finish.

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