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Passion Fruit Tea

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Passion Tea with a little English history.

Men would gather in the coffee houses similar to bars or even more upper-class clubs. Tea was a proper social gathering even though women were not permitted to partake publicly till 1717.

What came first the chicken or the eggs


I find this amusing because coffee came before tea. Tea could quite possibly not be as popular or have such a rich wonderful history without coffee houses.

Traditional English tea or High tea would be served in the afternoon. It would start with small hand sandwiches followed by scones or shortbreads with jam or curds. Then ending with cakes mostly popularly Victorian sponges. I love looking at the history of tea because England took a simple drink and elevated it to an intricate part of their culture. Having a cup of tea is a delightful pleasure but also partaking in a rich dramatic history.


This is a black tea with fruit flavors. Opening a tin and taking in the smell is as lovely as smelling a bouquet of flowers. It’s a bouquet of fruity smells all packed together. I decided to go classic English have this fruity tea with a traditional scone with jam. It did not disappoint a warm scone with cream, jam, or lemon curd is like tasting fruity clouds with this light tea. Watch the brewing time and do not go over four minutes because this tea will go a bit bitter over steeped. I would also recommend this as a great tea iced.

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