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Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Hello, I'm Leah

I’ve been a Barista for ten years. I’ve been tasting and experimenting with coffee, tea, and food combos for almost the same time. I am passionate about pairings between beverages and food. Being a barista, tasting has been a hobby for years looking for different flavors and combinations. Tasting and pairing has been a hobby at work that has made me a better barista but something I also enjoy outside of work. The combinations of beverages and food that accentuates bringing out the best flavors behind an item. 


In addition to being a barista, I enjoy researching topics. The history, stories, and facts surrounding coffee and tea are almost just as fascinating and fun as doing tastings.Taking photos of my drinks and food is also a consistent hobby. 
​My passion and experience I hope to bring a unique perspective to viewers. This blog is to share my favorite hobbies. I wanted to share this passion with an audience that is a beginner to experienced drinker.


This blog is to share my favorite hobbies. Tastings and pairings of coffee, tea, and food while giving background information on the topics with quality photography. I hope to use the blog as an inspiration to others and a resource. Tasting quality coffee, tea, and unique parings.

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